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Trevor Says: " Good Owner "

      • Do call ahead to reconfirm the hotel is pet friendly again.
      • Do ask what restrictions or fees the hotel requires.
      • Do get a ground floor room so I can get outside quickly.
      • Do bring my bed or blankets from home to sleep on.
      • Do check with my Vet before I travel.
      • Do keep me on a leash in public areas.
      • Do give me good treats and pet me often!

Trevor Says: "Bad Owner"

      • Do Not take me swimming in the public pool.
      • Do Not leave me alone in the room to "ruff" up housekeeping.
      • Do Not let me potty on flower beds and manicured landscaping.
      • Do Not put Fluffy's Litter Box by the bed. Try the Bathroom.
      • Do Not take me into the hotel restaurant to eat.
      • Do Not leave me at home. I wanna go too!

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